Massimo Says

Hopefully one of the finest AI text generators out there.
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Using AI to generate text

He is not the smartest tool in the shed, but boy, does he know how to ramble about design and branding. Massimo has been put through rigorous training, over several months, to make sure he is ready for the task ahead. We have faith in his skills and are very excited to finally be able to share him with the world.

In a world full of text generators we thought we would do our part in creating the first AI-powered, design specific one. We fed Massimo with tons of text from design books, websites, brand guidelines, and articles having him learn the ins and outs of the brand design world. The result? A text generator that makes you think, laugh, and maybe even question reality. Why? Because Massimo doesn’t take himself too seriously. Zero ducks given.

We created Massimo Says simply because we were sick of the Latin thing and its countless variations. We wanted something specific to what our clients do every day and hopefully, humor them along the way. Use Massimo Says to fill your projects with somewhat grammatically correct, interesting, and — from time to time — understandable text.

Massimo’s vocabulary is quite bonkers, which can be quite amusing. He will rant about fictional design studios, great (and not so great) non-existing branding projects, pull in a little philosophy here and there, and he has been known to create a list or two. Whatever comes out of his face, makes for quite a good placeholder text.

Share him, tweet him, write about him and, we hope, love him. He is not perfect, he is not always correct, but he is all yours and we are very proud of him.


Massimo Says was created as a side project when researching on how we can use AI to improve

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